What commodiVN

The following is a particular story to describe what CommondiVn is working on.

I was working for a clothes brand based in Japan. The demand for outsourcing increased, so my company needed to find additional suppliers to fulfil the increased request for the company’s more expansive plan.

I was in a hurry to find new suppliers, so visiting textile companies in China and meeting the potential suppliers individually and evaluating their fit was not an option.

I was going to go with Alibaba because it was free. But when I looked up textile companies on Alibaba, there were so many suppliers listed, so I felt overwhelmed. I didn’t have that much time to find a new supplier, and I was worried about going through all the listed suppliers and finding the best one for my company. Especially, Import tax was the headache issue that probably led to change in the current production structure.

Above is the essential scenario in which the customer has to overcome uneasily.


Now you do not have to look for a supplier yourself actively. All you have to do is file a purchase request form, and CommondiVN would give you offers that best suit you. Also, We guarantee that all suppliers are verified and credible suppliers.

CommodiVN will ask you to fill out a “purchase request form.” On this form, you have to fill in information such as product detail, current sourcing countries, order quantities, shipping details, and packaging details. Finally, you can work with the suppliers directly instead of cold calling or cold emailing the supplier.

What CommodiVn can offer you:

· One trusted contact for sourcing multiple products/manufacturers in Vietnam.

· Innovation: Keep you informed of the latest import/export trends and new products in Vietnam.

· Simple: Working with you over time, we are familiar with your ways of working & needs.

· Reliable: Provide outreach for you to our existing reputable network of suppliers.

· Fast: Liaise with Vietnam brands and suppliers on your behalf.

· Easy: Can support you with labelling, documentation and logistics.

Address: An Trang Industrial Zone – An Lao District – Haiphong – Vietnam.

Phone – Whatsapp: +84 888 606 399

Email: bui@commodivn.com