Product customization in Vietnam?

Here are the benefits of product customization for marketing and sales:

  • Workshop, factory, industrial zones have been invested, extended with the strengthy governmental commitments.
  • The workforce is diverse from simple-advantage skills.
  • It is located among the material sources such as ASIA, China, and Vietnam.
  • Procedures are easy, the low tax around 0% because of being a member of almost all FTAs ( Free Trades Agreements )
  • Inherited the benefit of the massive investment as Apple, Samsung, LG… and have the international logistic system across the country from South to North.

Our workshops are located at the most rush international Haiphong Port and are the official ower or co-ower of thousands of square meters.

commediVN ultimately believes in our capacity to provide various customization solutions for multiple products.

Address: An Trang Industrial Zone, An Lao District, Haiphong, Vietnam.

Phone, Whatsapp: +84 888 606 399