Why Vietnam

According to the report 2021, The overall turnover export-import is approximately 660 billion USD increasing 30% compared to 2020. The highlight sectors focus on the textile, garment, household product, wood increasing 30 – 55 %. These numbers are carving Vietnam likes an attractive destination for international commercial exchange.

The following reasons can help us to figure out Why.

  • In recent times, Vietnam has already signed many Free Trade Agreements as AFTA, PRC, EFTA, EVFTA, CPTPP.
  • Trade agreements will allow Vietnam to take advantage of the reduced tariffs within the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) and the EU and US to attract exporting companies to produce in Vietnam and export to partners outside ASEAN.
  • Tax 0% is imposed for goods as import-export interior – exterior furniture, fishery which have the origin from Vietnam. 
  • The prolonged coast is close to the international seaway combined with the cheap trucking fee. 
  • The workforce is diverse, reasonable, trainable, adapted for quick changes.
  • The solid governmental commitments guarantee the business environment constantly.

In 2022, the Vietnamese government announced the list of commitments to ensure that all import-export activities relevant to procedures and tariffs are more optimizable, practical. 

Associated with more than 1000 Vietnamese vendors and located at the centre of the Haiphong international port, commodiVn has the significant advantage of connecting the internal vendors and directly exporting with the wide range of merchandises. 

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